Special PTA General Membership Meeting

4/26/2021 1:43 pm

Hello Bethany Families! 

We have two budget items that need to be approved before the next scheduled GMM on May 20th.

According to our By-Laws: 

Section 4. Special Meetings. A special meeting of the membership shall be called by the president or by a
majority of the executive board, with at least three days' notice giving the place, date, time and purpose of the
special meeting. No other business may be conducted.


These are the two items we will be voting on.

Item 1 - 5th Grade EOY celebrations POW - Since the Picasso Art fundraising was never a line item on a POW for 2020-21, a budget for it was never approved, so we need to approve this POW in order for the parents to do a write a check campaign to fund raise for their EOY celebrations.  Note: The 540 is inclusive of the $400 that has already been approved for the class parties.   See this link:



Item 2 - Amended Hospitality POW - Teacher Appreciate Breakfast - For Teacher Appreciation week, we will be providing a Breakfast Taco bar on Monday, a staff luncheon on Wednesday, and a snack / soda volunteer sign up like we did in the winter.  To accommodate the expenses of the Breakfast Taco bar, we need an extra $300 added to the budget.  We have done so little for the staff this year, I'd love if we're able to approve this. See this link:


Our meeting will be a very quick, 10 min or less - only voting on these two items.  This Thursday, April 29th at 6pm.  Zoom meeting information below.



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For questions contact:

Our PTA President at president@bethanypta.org